Back to School Night Videos

September 17th, 2020

Please watch the video from your child’s homeroom teacher and specialist teachers (Technology, Music, Phy Ed and Spanish), as well as Mrs. Evans video, Father Marquard’s welcome, Home and School, and Men’s Club.

Back to School Video from Principal Evans

Father Marquard’s Parent Video

Home and School

Men’s Club

Preschool Mrs. Conway

Preschool Mrs. King

Kindergarten Mrs. Lee

Kindergarten Miss Corken

First Grade Miss Kelzenberg

First Grade Mrs. Vanasse

Second Grade Mrs. Fossen and Mrs. Olson

Third Grade Ms. Piche and Ms. Timian

Fourth Grade Mrs. Ruehle and Miss Faust

Fifth Grade Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Poppler

Sixth Grade Mrs. Halstrom and Miss Nelson

Phy Ed Mrs. Cornish

Technology Mrs. Whitehouse

Spanish Mrs. Hudinsky

Music Mrs. Stearns