Our Faculty

To reach Good Shepherd staff by phone, call 763-545-4285. Then dial their three-digit extension when prompted. Click on a staff members name to send them an email. 


Stevi Evans
Principal, ext. 811

Julie Starosta
Administrative Assistant, ext. 820

Jessica Ede
Administrative Assistant, ext. 825


Colleen King
Preschool Lead Teacher, ext. 714

Katie Jacob
Preschool Teacher, ext. 714

Veronica Conway
Preschool Lead Teacher, ext. 838

Caitlin Pawlak
Preschool Teacher, ext. 714

Kelly LaVigne
Preschool Teacher, ext. 838

Classroom Teachers

Catie Corken
Kindergarten, ext. 823
Teacher Website

Angela Lee
Kindergarten, ext. 851
Teacher Website

Dianne Brinda
Kindergarten Aide

Rachel Kelzenberg
First Grade, ext. 822

Nancy Vanasse
First Grade, ext. 824

Jill Weir
First Grade Aide

Molly Fossen
Second Grade, ext. 827

Hallee Olson
Second Grade, ext. 826

Diane Keefe
Second Grade Aide

Lynn Piche
Third Grade, ext. 829
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Kris Timian
Third Grade, ext. 828
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Haley LaCanne
Fourth Grade, ext. 837
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Angie Ruehle
Fourth Grade, ext. 830
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Stacey Poppler
Fifth Grade, ext. 832

Rachel Johnson
Fifth Grade, ext. 833

Amy Halstrom
Sixth Grade, ext. 834
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Shelby Nelson
Sixth Grade, ext. 835
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Specialist Teachers

Leona Cornish
Physical Education, ext. 836
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Carrie Henningsgaard
Learning Specialist, ext. 831
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Cindy Stearns
Music Specialist, ext. 838
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Amanda Hudinsky
Spanish, ext. 816

Kim Whitehouse
Technology Specialist ext. 815
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Additional Staff

John Vella
Maintenance Supervisor, ext. 852

Emma Sandvig
School Care Director, ext. 855

Renee Bergo
Food Service Coordinator, ext. 813